Closed for Vacation

Notice to all our customers, friends and lovers of good beer. We are taking a few days off from September 28th to October 6th inclusive. See you again more energized than ever on Friday 7 October, ready to face autumn and winter in the company of our excellent beers and delicious panini!!

Bar Stella d'Oro - About our Pub

Bar, with beer, lager ale and panini sandwiches

Gemona's Pub since 1987

Opened in 1987 our Bar, the Pub Stella d'Oro, has been a pillar of Gemona del Friuli's local community for more than thirty years. The bar has always been owned and run by the same family and offers some of the best beers and delicious panini sandwiches in the whole area, served in a warm and welcoming environment.

Located on the "Piazza Del Ferro" our bar is in the heart of Gemona's historical centre just below its medieval castle. With a large car park right in front of the bar, and only a short walk to the town council offices and "l’antico palazzo municipale" (the old medieval town hall) or the nearby "via bini" with its old buildings, antique shops, which leads to the main Cathederal, the Pub has a fantastic location. Over the years the Pub has become one of Gemona's best known meeting places where many come to enjoy a cold beer or savour one of our wonderful warm panini sandwiches.

Centro Storico - Palazzo Municiaple Gemona Del Friuli By  Alpino friulano at Italian Wikipedia [GFDL (CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Histroic Gemona - Palazzo Municiaple (Medieval Town Hall)(Source Wikimedia Commons by Alpino friulano CC-BY-SA-3.0)

The bar recreates the typical ambiance of an English Pub with a lovely rustic design and wood paneling. There are plenty of places to sit comfortably and enjoy that special romatic moment, or you can stand at the bar with friends, quench you thirst with a cold beer and enjoy yourself in great company.

Pub gemona - un tpico accogliente Pub inglese con arredamento in legno
Bar Stella d'Oro - Gemona's warm and welcoming Pub

Our Beer Selection

Special Draught Beers

Bar Stella d'Oro was one of the first Pub style bars in Udine province, and for more than thirty years we have offered a range of beers from the original Scottish brand Tennent's. We have seven draught beers including one tap with a guest beer which is updated regularly with beers of different character to satisfy all beer lovers. We also have a varied selection of bottled beers

Tennent's Lager is Scotland's most popular lager brewed by Tennent Caledonian Breweries UK Limited at their famous Wellpark Brewery in Glasgow , which has been producing beer for over four hundered years.

Below you can read more about the different draft beers offered at our bar.

Tennent's Super

Tennent's Super alla spina Pub Stella d'Oro Gemona Del Friuli
Tennent's Super

Tennent's Super is a strong lager (9% vol.) produced in Scotland. It has a blond colour slightly twinged with amber, with a decisive yet balanced flavor. It is one of the best proposals from the Tennent's brewery, active since 1885. A great strong beer in the spirit of Scotland!

Tennent's Lager

Tennent's Extra Lager alla spina Pub Stella d'Oro Gemona Del Friuli
Tennent's Lager

Classic pale lager (5% vol.) from Scotland. The color is a clear and clean golden yellow, . It is lightly scented with traces ofmalt and cereal. The pleasant taste is quite fresh; it is distinguished by its hoppy bite, which makes it highly drinkable with a refreshing bitter aftertaste. The real Scottish Lager!

Tennent's Scotch Ale

Tennent's Scotch Ale alla spina Pub Stella d'Oro Gemona Del Friuli
Tennent's Scotch Ale

Scotch strong ale a high fermentation amber ale from the Tennent's family (Scotland). It offers a pleasant fruity flavor, accompanied by subtle notes of hops and caramel. The use of toasted malt gives it a characteristic and pleasant intense aroma. (9% vol.) The Authentic Red Ale of the Highlands!


Guinness birra nera irlandese  alla spina Pub Stella d'Oro Gemona Del Friuli

Guinness. Celebrated Irish stout characterized by a very dark brown color and a creamy beige had, obtained by slowly dispensing the beer from the tap. Its toasted flavor features coffee and cocoa notes that give it a perfect balance between sweet and bitter.(4,2% vol.) Everyday is a lovely day for a Guinness!


Wieninger birra bavarese  alla spina Pub Stella d'Oro Gemona Del Friuli

Wieninger. Low fermented lager beer from the town of Teisendorf, in Southern Germany's Bavarian Alps. The opaque yellow color is and its characteristic turbidity is due to the lack of filtration that retains all the natural yeasts and proteins in suspension. (5% vol.) From Bavaria a real specialty!


Hoegaarden birra belga alla spina Pub Stella d'Oro Gemona Del Friuli

Hoegaarden.The queen of white beers (weizen, weisse, blanche, witbier) was born at the end of the 1960s in the town of Hoegaarden (Belgium). It features a white foamy head, scented with orange zest. The citrus aroma corresponds to a fresh and acidic taste of wheat, with a light base of honey and yeast; the first taste is lemon juice, giving a genuine bitterness accompanying a mild but persistent aftertaste (5% vol.) Fresh and thirst quenching!